What makes you feel ALIVE?

I find it so interesting when you see something in particular and then whatever it is, pops up all around you! This literally just happened… I posted a dancing video on Instagram and noted that it makes me feel alive. NEXT THING I see one of my favourite bloggers, Lottie Murphy using the word ‘alive’ in a brand new blog and the Lorna Jane Active Instagram posted about feeling ‘alive’ just minutes after my post?!?! I think it is pretty amazing. I’m about to get ‘airy-fairy’ (for some) BUT I really believe when you send messages out to the Universe, the Universe returns those thoughts and feelings, multiplied.


Dancing has been one of those things, probably the number ONE activity and time when I feel COMPLETELY ALIVE. I let loose. I lose control of my feet. My legs are going. My hands are going (think spirit fingers). My hips don’t lie and, well, baby got back! My husband thinks I’m hard to dance with BUT I just can’t help it… When an upbeat song comes on, I have to get my wiggle on. I’m suddenly full of confidence and don’t have a care in the world. I’m probably hopeless but I don’t care because I’m having fun and swinging my hips to the rhythm of the night. I actually love pulling out the old school dance moves too… Filling up the shopping trolley, the sprinkler… You know the ones?

My most treasured childhood memories have included dancing… Dancing in the lounge room with my mum as a child, dancing with grandparents at New Year celebrations, dancing to Britney Spears with my primary school friends, learning the finale song from Dirty Dancing with a bestie, teaching my dance moves to my younger sisters and dancing around the kitchen with my husband.

I often wished I went to some type of dancing class as a child… I actually did a couple of times. I think I went to a ballet class OR I just had a new, yellow tutu… I have evidence of this tutu but unfortunately I fell into a pond one day and ruined it. We moved to Groote Eylandt not long after that when I was 7. The only dance class offered there was line dancing… Which I did. Of course. In high school I remember having to learn the Tango and we were assessed too. I was a fairly quiet girl yet you wouldn’t have known it when it was time for our assessment. We were paired up and filmed… I vividly recall our normally conservative English/ Drama teacher positively remarking on how ‘raunchy’ it was. I could tell she liked it. I think she was quite bemused. As I said, dancing just makes every part of me feel alive! I would say generally I’m quite reserved yet it’s like I’m a completely different person when dancing. I realise it IS very much me… Without inhibitions; without fear of judgement or failure. I don’t care if I make mistakes because it is SO much fun!!

You can feel alive in different ways though. Walking amongst nature also makes me feel alive as does swimming in the ocean and yoga (which I need to practice more often). These activities don’t have me openly and energetically sharing my love of a rhythm and a beat but they certainly make me feel present.

So, what makes YOU feel alive?

Hubby and I during our First Dance. Image by Figtree Pictures, Queensland

3 thoughts on “What makes you feel ALIVE?

  1. Melissa Cornish says:

    As Rachael’s mum I concur. It most definately is heridatory! I raised Rachael in the 80 s and 90 s as a young mum and we regularly danced around the house to mc hammer and salt and pepper. But our true love was jiving to Fleetwood Mac. I can confirm that ballet was definately taken and perhaps she had too much hips movement as Rachael dances to her own and I admit more upbeat for contemporary ballet. I remind you lovely that our move to Groote saw a love of dancing put into concerts with our somoan and Tongan friends with the only white girl joining them on stage was this pretty little blonde honky with her grass skirt and somoan dance moves. Does music make you Alive yes .. Why… It releases you it gives you that reason to let go and for a moment the worries of the world and life can find another universe. X live you babe. Can’t wait to dance with you again. Ps her husband barely stands a chance when mum and daughter hit the floor. Love you both x

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    • Tigerlily's Tales says:

      Thank you for your lovely comment Mum! Oh yes, I forgot to mention those times at Groote- SO MUCH FUN!! I also remember sneaking into the adult discos and having a dance too. Get wait for our next boogie! Love you xoxo


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