Welcome to Tigerlilys Tales! I’m a teacher, a wife, and a lover of all things health, wellness, fashion, travel, and beauty related. It is these things which I wish to share with my family, friends and the world. I am ambitious and a perfectionist but I’m never perfect (just ask my hubby and family). I’m studying to become a Health & Nutrition Coach. I love optimism and enthusiasm for life and I know I love reading positive blogs sharing experiences so I thought, ‘what have I got to lose?’ The answer being, ‘nothing’.

Oh and my name is Rachael. It is lovely to meet you. 🙂


Since I was about 16 or younger I have used the name ‘Tigerlily’ on social media. I guess originally it was because I didn’t want creepy people knowing who I actually was haha. It stuck. I have just always loved the name and first fell in love with it whilst reading about Michael Hutchence’s daughter, Tiger Lily. The name has seen me through MSN, MySpace and now through Instagram, Snapchat & Twitter as Tigerlily’s Tales. Tigerlily’s Tales came about when Kurt (my husband) and I were trying to come up with an appropriate blog name based on what I would be sharing. I hope you enjoy reading my blog and perhaps it can be useful, interesting or helpful in some way. Please feel free to leave comments, share and follow.

2 thoughts on “About

  1. igniteyogaandpilates says:

    So excited to follow this blog page! I am in a similar boat where I’ve been wanting to start blogging but haven’t yet got around to it so this will be great help for me to follow someone “new” in the blog world! Tigerlily’s Tales will be amazing you must follow along I’m super excited to read more!!


    • Tigerlily's Tales says:

      Thank you so much for the support Ignite Yoga and Pilates! It’s a bit of a scary step and somewhat overwhelming as there are so many bloggers out there and the fear of failure or judgement. What do we have to lose though, really?!? Whether it is a fun hobby or a passion, GO FOR IT! xx

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